Bradford born Benjamin Pearson always dreamed of joining the police to help others. He joined West Yorkshire Police, his local force in 2001 aged 25. He began his career out on patrol and as a tutor constable training new officers before joining the special operational and Roads Policing Unit. Pearson, a familiar face on Channel 5’s popular TV series Police Interceptors, dedicated 19 years to serving and protecting the public, his community, before he was forced to give it all up and retire in October 2020 due to ill health and work-related PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Father of two, Ben still has that same dream of helping others, however this chapter involves Ben exchanging his baton for the mighty pen and taking up a new role out of the uniform that was his identity for almost two decades. Ben is now an successful author, motivational speaker and YouTuber, sharing his life and work experiences
 the ups and downs of policing, living with PTSD, and coping with the stigma attached to mental illness. 


In November 2021, Ben teamed up with his close friend Dan Stanek who has worked within the print and design industry for over 30 years to create '1965 PTSD Awareness'.
Both Dan and Ben are massive advocates of mental health, and are proud to promote this in their range of 1965 PTSD Awareness merchandise.